PURE HELLENIC FOODS S.A. Olive Oil and Foods exports

PURE HELLENIC FOODS S.A. seeks to encompass all that is Hellenic and Pure. A task that we have launched with our country’s star product: Olive Oil. More than a product, close to a fine ambassador of the nourishing values of Greek culture, a real blessing from our land, deserves to be shared generously all over the world. A rare nutritional treasure worth to travel everywhere, as it is born. Both, Pure and Hellenic.


Our philosophy is based on commitment and dedication to the timeless and authentic production of Greek olive oil. This belief leads us to search and locate producers who, under our guidance, will cultivate their olive trees in a friendly to the environment way while putting the extra effort to make certain that the olives are as healthy and wholesome as it can be. Our collaborators evaluate and record the health and condition of special selected olive groves, throughout the year. We choose only high quality and lower acid crops in order to generate a final product, so fine in its purity, taste and nutritional values. These unique procedures make Pure Hellenic Foods able to offer an excellent olive oil to every consumer, everywhere he lives. So PURE, So HELLENIC, as only we know how to create.